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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year 2017 Week 01

Thank you for another year of support. Wish that everyone will get your keys according to the schedule without delay and a Happy 2017!

Fernvale Riverwalk
Fernvale Woods
Anchorvale Parkview
Anchorvale Fields
Anchorvale Plains

Condos & ECs
RiverBank @ Fernvale
Rivertrees Residences
High Park Residences
Treasure Crest
The Vales

Sengkang General and Community Hospital

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High Park Residences (Year 2017 Week 01)

Fernvale Woods (Year 2017 Week 01)

Fernvale Riverwalk (Year 2017 Week 01)

Rivertrees Residences (Year 2017 Week 01)

Anchorvale Plains (Year 2017 Week 01)

Sengkang General and Community Hospital (Year 2017 Week 01)

Bellewaters (Year 2017 Week 01)

The Vales (Year 2017 Week 01)

Treasure Crest (Year 2017 Week 01)

Anchorvale Parkview (Year 2017 Week 01)

Anchorvale Fields (Year 2017 Week 01)

RiverBank@Fernvale (Year 2017 Week 01)